Hays Finanical Consultants Atlanta Georgia

Travis Correll

Case Name:

Securities and Exchange Commission v. Travis E. Correll, individually and doing business as Horizon Establishment; Gregory Thompson; Dwight J. Johnson; Harry Robinson "Robbie" Gowdey, individually and doing business as Atlas and Jericho Productions; Grant Cardno; Neuland D. Midkiff; Travis Correll & Company, Inc.; Sovereign Capital Investments, S.A.; TNT Office Supply, Inc. and Joshua Tree Group LLC; Defendants, and Banner Shield, LLC; Hospitality Management Group, Inc.; Creative Wealth Ventures, LLC and JTA Enterprises, Defendants Solely for Purposes of Equitable Relief.

Case Number:

05 CV 472


United States District Court for Eastern District of Texas

Hays Role:

Receiver Financial Consultants to the Receiver