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Atlantic Cable Services

Atlantic Cable Services, Inc. (“ACS”) was a leading independent provider to the cable industry, specializing in sales, construction and installation. ACS provided a supply of a wide range of cable services including Fiber Optic Construction, Telephony, and Broadband Internet sales and installations through the southeastern United States.

On September 2, 2009 SunTrust Bank (“SunTrust”) filed a complaint seeking the appointment of a receiver to protect its interests in its collateral. By Order entered on September 16, 2009 in DeKalb County, Hays Financial Consulting, LLC was appointed as the Receiver. A copy of SunTrust’s complaint and the Order Appointing Receiver is included under the “Documents for Investors” tab.

The Court Approved the final report and discharged the Receiver on April 13, 2010. Pursuant to the Court Order, the Receiver made a distribution on administrative claims of the estate the week of April 19th.

The case has been officially closed and the Receiver has been discharged.